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The historic routes reach the Roman Empire where the predecessors of Staffordshire Bull Terrier (SBT) were used for fighting against bulls. When the Romans conquered the England their dogs got to the island together with the soldiers. These dogs of the “bully” type created the basis for Staffords. The bull fights in England were run untill the end of 19th century till the illegalization in 1930`s.

The breeding was started by the working class in Staffordshire. The breed was created by the cross-breed of English bulldog and and terrier. The dogs were known as Staffordshire Bull and Terrier. The breed was recognized by FCI before 1935 ( FCI No. 76, group 3 – terriers) under the name Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The club was founded on 25th of May 1935. In the year 1938 - only three years after the foundation – the club reached the status of ”champion breed”. Nowadays there are 18 clubs in Britain involved in breeding of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Stafford is shortcoated without demanding treatment. The most widespread colour is black and brindle, sometimes occures an individual in gold, white colour or white with gold and black patches.

Stafford is moderate, fearless and totally reliable. He does not initiate conflicts with other individuals. It is a dog for friendly discussions and caressing without any fears. It is nice, lively and amusing company, which does not spoil any fun. He is very intelligent, bold and tough. He fulfills tirelessly and with pleasure the commands of his master. He is fit and likes to accompany his master for long walks. However he enjoys lazing with his family too. He is devoted to his “kennel” and he especially likes kids.